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VCDR heating cables


Elektra VCDR Heating Cables are ready-to-install heating units manufactured according to the EN 60335-2-83 norm. A 20W/m UV resistant heating cable of the length depending on the model, has factory connected special cold tail cable.

The main application is the protection against snow and ice of roofs, gutters and downpipes.

Elektra VCDR Heating Cables are available in lengths between 9 and 175 metres.



TypeLength (m)Output (W)
VCDR 20/1909,5190
VCDR 20/23512,0235
VCDR 20/33016,5330
VCDR 20/38019,0380
VCDR 20/52026,0520
VCDR 20/60029,0600
VCDR 20/80040,0800
VCDR 20/100050,01000
VCDR 20/114057,01140
VCDR 20/130065,01300
VCDR 20/156078,01560
VCDR 20/172086,01720
VCDR 20/2050102,02050
VCDR 20/2360118,02360
VCDR 20/2710135,02710
VCDR 20/3000150,03000
VCDR 20/3450175,03450