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SelfTec®PRO TC


Self-regulating ELEKTRA SelfTec®PRO TC Heating Cables

An advanced anti frost protection system for objects which may be damaged by low temperatures: central heating and process heat pipelines, also valves during pauses in operation. The cable is high-temperature resistant during normal operation, as well as when switched off.



Power output (+10°C): 30 W/m
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
External dimension of cable: ~ 6 x 13,5 mm
Min. installation temperature: -50°C
Max. working temperature: +100°C
Max. exposure temperature: +135°C (power-off)
Type of heating cable: self-regulating, conductor screen, single-side power supply
Conductor: nickel-coated copper 2 x 1.3 mm2
Insulation: XLEVA
Outer sheath: HFFR
Min. bending radius: 35mm
Max. cable length per circuit: 109m
Max. circuit-breaker, C-type: 40A
Certificate of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
Product mark: CE

Icon of SelfTec PRO TC cable constructionSelfTec PRO TC cable construction (371.3 KB)

Icon of SelfTec PRO - installation manualSelfTec PRO - installation manual (2.6 MB)

Icon of SelfTec EC-PRO termination kit - installation manualSelfTec EC-PRO termination kit - installation manual (810.6 KB)

Icon of SelfTec ECM25-PRO termination kit - manualSelfTec ECM25-PRO termination kit - manual (556.7 KB)

Icon of SelfTec S-TWIN-PRO termination kit - manualSelfTec S-TWIN-PRO termination kit - manual (738.9 KB)